Every day we use search engines like Google or Bing to search for information that is relevant to us at the time. Based on a keyword or group of keywords, search engines show the most relevant pages to answer our query. Do you want your platform, service or product to be found, or in other words, to rank higher in Google? Then it is crucial that you be as visible as possible in search results, preferably at the top. To achieve this, a good SEO strategy developed by an experienced SEO agency is crucial.

In brief

  • SEO, search engine optimization also known as search engine optimization in Dutch, focuses on improving the organic findability and visibility of websites in search engines such as Google.
  • Search engine optimization consists of three different pillars; Technique, Content and Authority.
  • As an SEO agency, we use various SEO strategies, starting with keyword research, on-page optimization, various content strategies and link building.
  • SEO marketing is a continuous process of optimizing, testing and readjusting.
SEO marketing

Dieuwertje SpijkerAll-round Marketer

“SEO marketing is a continuous process of optimizing, testing and readjusting.”

Dieuwertje SpijkerAll-round Marketer

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization, and is the process of optimizing digital platforms to increase organic findability and visibility. By applying various techniques and expertise within SEO marketing, we improve the visibility and findability of websites. Three pillars are the basis for optimal organic findability; Technique, Content and Authority.



The Technique pillar focuses on all the technical aspects that help determine how a search engine’s rankings are established. A technically sound platform promotes indexing and thus forms the basis for SEO success. A fast and intuitive platform ensures optimal usability for the visitor on the one hand and is a direct ranking factor for search engines on the other.



To what extent does the content of the website match the search behavior of (potential) customers? This question is the focus of the Content pillar. Want to optimize your website SEO, then this is a necessary component to rank well in search results for the desired search terms. Determining focus search terms based on comprehensive keyword research is the first step to aligning content with search behavior. We apply different (on-page) content strategies to match the content to the target audience’s search behavior.



The authority of a domain determines the prestige a website enjoys with Google. When the technology of the website is good and the content is found relevant, the authority of the platform grows with it and your website ranks higher in Google. Through link building, this process, website SEO optimization, can be further improved by an experienced SEO agency.

Continuous optimization

SEO marketing is a continuous process of optimizing, testing and readjusting. Once you land on the first page of search results, then maintaining this advantage over the competition is key. We actively adjust and continuously monitor the performance of our SEO efforts. This is how we ensure that your website ranks higher in Google and becomes more findable.


Our approach is focused on getting results.


As Sumedia, we specialize in SEO marketing and, as SEO specialists, we can help your business become more findable online and achieve more conversions.

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