We encounter more and more situations in the market where it is unclear to the client what kind of foundation should be used for their digital issue. Which technical foundation is best suited for your organization’s current phase but also capable of growing with future plans? After all, we prefer to make the investment only once. Sumedia recommends a technical foundation that exactly matches current needs, but is also capable of growing with them. Should Open Source solutions run into limitations or does the customization component become too extensive? Sumedia has the perfect solution for this: Sumedia Smart CMS. What exactly does this entail? We are happy to explain that in this article.

In brief:

  • Sumedia Smart CMS what exactly is it and what are the benefits?
  • Custom CMS; isn’t there Vendor Locking?
  • Maximum appearance can be coupled with an easy-to-deploy commerce solution.
  • Sumedia first analyzes the question and recommends the foundation from there.

Sumedia Smart CMS what exactly is it and what are the benefits?

The moment there are certain specific requirements then it can become cumbersome to realize this within an Open Source solution. Cumbersome implementations tend to directly affect performance, speed, stability and security. Partly for this reason, Sumedia may be advised to set up a custom foundation (internal name: Smart CMS) that will match your digital issue exactly. Within custom solutions, user conveniences of Open Source systems such as WordPress, for example, are still used so that the solution continues to function intuitively. In addition, there are certain solutions for example the widely used SEO Yoast tool & Gravity forms that can be integrated by Sumedia with similar functionalities. In short; a fully customized solution at Sumedia is realized on an existing framework, in a familiar programming language and with all the familiar user conveniences.

Daan TutertStrategist

“One of the main benefits of good design in a proposition is that it can create trust and credibility with potential customers.”

Daan TutertStrategist

A custom CMS; isn’t there Vendor Locking?

Sumedia’s custom solutions are realized on an existing framework and developed in PHP. In doing so, the solutions are fully documented, allowing any other organization (with expertise PHP) to possibly be able to work within the solution. We understand better than anyone that Vendor Locking is not a desirable situation and therefore choose to set it up so that you, the client, have the freedom to go in a different direction if necessary.


Maximum appearance can be coupled with an easily deployed E-commerce solution.


As a business development agency, we know better than anyone else that the digital experience is essential to any digital issue.of any kind. Sumedia can also provide the ideal solution for organizations that want more than just a product overview within an E-commerce solution. Because what if an easy-to-deploy Open Source like WordPress, Shopify or Prestashop is not enough but Magento2 is too complex and the budget does not allow it? Within that spectrum, Sumedia has developed the ideal solution: Smart Commerce CMS. A fully API based platform that reduces the time to market of a more complex webshop, is easy to use and can give the maximum look and feel to your E-commerce issue. Go to web shops and see what this can do for your organization.

Sumedia first analyzes the demand and recommends the CMS from there.

We understand better than anyone that technology is only a tool that should be supportive of achieving your business goals. This makes us first take a deeper look into the specific question in order to then recommend the right foundation. Sumedia has experience with different technical foundations and recommends the right foundation for your organization. Not only what fits at the moment, but what is the right foundation for the future as well.

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