When choosing the right digital partner, being able to maximize the available budget is an essential element. Through optimized processes, Sumedia is able to get the most out of your available budget. We give full disclosure in advance of what is feasible within the available budget and fully commit to the agreements made. We are happy to explain exactly how we do this in this article.

We do this by:

  • Fully describe the task in a clear MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  • The product owner manages not the process; it is owned.
  • Interim deliverables shorten time to market for value creation.
  • Sumedia commits to the budget for the stated MVP at all times.

The assignment is fully described in a clear MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

To ensure that a job is fully successful within the set budgeting, we write the job out in a so-called MVP. This MVP states the minimum deliverables that must be delivered within the budget to be considered a successful outcome. So these deliverables are fixed, the complexity of these deliverables is broadly fixed.

Daan TutertStrategist

“One of the main benefits of good design in a proposition is that it can create trust and credibility with potential customers.”

Daan TutertStrategist

Example of difference in complexity:

When a client asks for a contact page, we can fill it out in several ways. For example, a simple variation of a contact page is to reuse an existing content page on which to place a phone number and address. This takes little time and can be accomplished very quickly. If Google Maps, a question form, a chat function and a searchable contact list are then added, then the same “contact the web application” feature takes much more time to implement. The complexity increased significantly while the original demand remained the same.


The product owner does not manage the process; it is owned.


Interim deliverables shorten time to market for value creation.
Multiple deliverables are determined that are realized in two-week sprints so that you as the client have interim results but also partial deliverables can be deployed immediately whereby the time to market for value creation is shortened. For example, within events this can be a pre-phase communication, within a campaign ”stay tuned” and or when rebranding a completely new corporate identity captured in a brand guide. So, as a client, you don’t have to wait the entire process to start creating value.

Sumedia commits to the budget for the stated MVP at all times.

As a business development agency, we understand better than anyone that, as an organization, you want to know where you stand. Partly for this reason, Sumedia commits to the budget for the stated MVP. Should this be more work than expected, there are no financial consequences for you as the client. Sumedia is not the type of organization that sends out extra work invoices on agreements already made. Should we miscalculate, you as the client will not be affected. That’s how we would like it too and therefore the way to do it for us.

But how does this work in a continuity collaboration?
Even when it comes to continuity collaborations, we provide a full forecast in advance of what you as a client can expect. Within the integrated methodology, several audits result in uncovering the digital opportunities for your organization. The potential of these opportunities are converted into achievable targets (KPIs) and form a growth path for your organization.

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