With over 3.5 billion searches every day, Google is the platform to be visible as an organization. With Google Ads, you can effectively bring your business to the attention of potential customers. The wide variety of campaigns makes it possible to reach your target audience at the right time with the right message and in the right form. Through smart targeting and continuous testing and optimization of your campaigns, you can increase your ROI and grow your business sustainably using Google Ads. Our team of Marketing Data Analysts and SEA specialists will be happy to help you get the maximum return from your campaigns. Thus, as an experienced advertising agency, we take care of, increase and maintain your online visibility.

In brief

  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is Google’s advertising network where, for a fee, you can increase your visibility among your target audience.
  • Whereas Google Ads used to revolve solely around search ads, there are now 9 different types of campaigns to choose from.
  • Managing Google Ads requires a lot of specialized knowledge and expertise in marketing and data.
  • At Sumedia, as a competent advertising agency, Google Ads is always part of an integrated strategy: our integral methodology to help organizations grow sustainably.

Jesse de HaardtMarketing Data Analyst

“Google Ads is constantly evolving, constantly adding new, intelligent functionalities. Functionalities that make it possible to set up campaigns even more effectively, but above all to make optimal use of the learnings Google offers to make your campaigns perform optimally.”

Jesse de HaardtMarketing Data Analyst

A suitable campaign for every target group

Whereas Google Ads (formerly AdWords) used to be all about search ads, there is now a wide range of opportunities to reach your target audience. Depending on your product, service and goals, you can choose one (or more) of these campaigns:

  • Search campaign; compelling text ads in the search network.
  • Display Ads campaign; visual ads visible on millions of websites, apps and on YouTube.
  • Video campaign; video ads on YouTube and other streaming services.
  • App campaign; download and in-app purchase promotions on various websites.
  • Local campaign; online ads to attract people to your physical store.
  • Smart campaign; optimized campaigns compiled by Google.
  • Performance Max campaign; new performance campaign for maximum conversion.
  • Discovery campaign; automated campaign to bring visual ads to a large audience.
  • Shopping campaign; visually appealing product offers for E-commerce platforms.


We always make the progress and results of the various Google Ads campaigns visible in real time in a Google Dashboard, making them accessible to the client at all times.


Data analysis and campaign management.

Managing Google Ads campaigns requires the necessary knowledge and expertise in data analysis and budget management. Targeted campaigns include market research, audience research, competitive analysis, keyword research and bid and ad optimization.

Moreover, Google Ads’ predictive ability allows you to do very accurate calculations about the number of leads you generate at a given budget. As an experienced advertising agency, we always advise clients proactively and based on a clear business case on a sensible advertising budget per campaign.

Growing sustainably with Google Ads

As a business development agency, we have several experienced SEA specialists who will support you with knowledge and help you set up and manage campaigns. But we also continue to develop ourselves. For example, every month we sit down with Google to discuss new features and new campaign types with a Google Ads consultant.

Do you want to attract more visitors to your website, generate more leads and ultimately realize more sales and growth for your business? Then Google Ads is an indispensable platform to start with. Make a no-obligation appointment, our SEA specialists will be happy to take a look with you.

Clients we are proud of

Our customer relationships are our top priority. This is why many of our clients have established professional cooperation with us over many years.

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