With the right strategy, email marketing is a powerful channel to get and stay in touch with your target audience. While not everyone has a social media account or wants to see ads, virtually everyone has an e-mail address. Email marketing additionally requires a subscription or approval from the recipient. Therefore, the recipient wíll receive your emails. He or she has already shown interest in your brand or product by subscribing. As a result, e-mail marketing is already one step ahead of other marketing channels. Email marketing offers the opportunity to send highly personalized messages to (potential) customers and keep them informed about new products, offers and events. This direct and personal communication creates bonding and loyalty.

In brief

  • The right email marketing strategy creates loyalty, contributes to more traffic to the website and increases sales.
  • Email marketing offers opportunities for personalization, segmentation and automation.
  • Email marketing is an owned channel: the database of customer data belongs to you, and you control who does and does not receive your content.

Jesse de HaardtMarketing Data Analyst

“To stand out in a mailbox flooded with many emails daily, it is important to have a clear strategy.”

Jesse de HaardtMarketing Data Analyst

Sharp strategy

To stand out in a mailbox flooded daily with many emails, it is important to have a clear strategy. What do you want to achieve with your emails or newsletters? Want to generate traffic to your website, make more sales or inform your customers? Last but not least, what does your target audience expect to receive in terms of communication when they subscribe to your newsletter? Therefore, a successful email marketing strategy starts with mapping your target audience(s), their needs and the different stages of the customer journey they are in. Then you can adjust the content of your emails and newsletters accordingly.


Own database with customer data

One of the great advantages of e-mail marketing is that it is an owned channel. The database of customer data belongs to you, and you control who does and does not receive your content. This is different with other marketing channels such as social media or Google Ads. With these channels, although you can target in a targeted way, these platforms determine to whom your content is shown.

Return on Investment

Recent research shows that e-mail marketing campaigns have a very high return on investment (ROI). Sending an email or newsletter is cost-effective compared to other marketing channels, in part because of automation options that automate actions. With the right email software, you can go one step further and extend email marketing with Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is the automatic sending of emails (or text messages) based on scenarios or triggers using a specific date, collected data or events. This allows you to automatically send the right message to the right person at the right time. Consider a welcome series of emails when someone subscribes to newsletters. Later in the customer journey, you can think about an abandoned-store cart campaign or encouraging repeat purchases.



To develop a strong email marketing strategy, we always start with a thorough audience and customer journey analysis. Based on that, we develop emails, newsletters and content that connect with your target audience and your brand story. Our approach is focused on achieving data-driven results. We actively manage the performance of our e-mail marketing activities and continuously monitor the ROI of campaigns. In this way, we ensure that your customers receive the right message segmented according to the customer journey phase.

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